Our Platform


Time Out Surgical® leverages a cloud-based platform along with the technology already available on your smartphone to create closed-loop and transparent communication between surgeon, surgical facility, and medical device representatives. The Time Out Surgical® application is available from the App Store and Google Play for IOS and Android users

Purpose built closed-loop communication designed with
clear analytics, user centric interface and CASE FLOW


Why isn’t booking a case and choosing corresponding implants as easy and efficient as ordering a pizza from an app on my phone? Now, it is!

  • Quickly choose required implants per procedure from a menu of approved items
  • View contents of every tray that is processed before each case
  • Choose a preferred rep for each case and can see when that rep has checked into the facility


  • Reference required implants per procedure, per case, quickly and easily
  • View a comprehensive history of implants and sets used per facility, as well as usage history
  • Utilize a daily dashboard showing sets to drop off and upcoming cases
  • Maximize productivity with a Case Calendar for each work day


  • View in real time when sets are checked in, documented, and precise storage location
  • Coordinate vendor with each case using EMR integration
  • Optimize Supply Chain efficiency and productivity with technology-driven compliance
  • Equip your team with powerful metrics such as sets per procedure or specialty and your open rate

The Time Out Surgical® Platform is HIPAA Compliant